Diana McNish
OF THIS LAND - The Artists Touch
Group Exhibition
April 18- July 19, 2009Aphrodite, 2013Art Nouveau "Beardsley", 1968Art Nouveau "Beardsley", 1968
Image 2A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, 2013Aerobic Dancer, 1981Aging Satyress, 2010Alice in "Wonderland"American Eagle, 1989Anna Marie, 1992Anthropomorphic Deer, 2000Balthazar, 2003 "Magi"Barnyard Betrothal, 1989 CollageBicycle Art, 1999Bird "with apologies to Napoleon", 2000Birthday Rat "Ignoring 50"Bishop in "Pluvial", Mid 1990's
Blue HeronBO II, 2011Borzoi
Previously named "Saturday Night Oysters Delight"Bouillabaisse, 2001Bride and Groom, 1977Buddha, 2006Buffaloed "with apologies to Dali", 2011ChatterboxesChimney Sweep, 2010ChinChristmas Goose, early 1980'sCivil War SoldierClam Digger, 1997Clown, 1982Clown, 1983Clown HeadClown Head (on wood block) #1Copernicus, 1965
(Previously called Zeus)Creature CollageCrucifixion, 2011DaphneDon Quixote, 1990Don Quixote and Sancho PanzaDrum Major, 1987Eagle, 2010El Toro "The Bullfighter"Elephant in Pantaloons, 2001Escoffier, 1998 "Pig in Chef's Clothing"Fagin, 1977FigureFemale Figure, 1979Female HeadFemale Head, 1985Fish WeathervaneFisherman, 2010Flower Child, 1975Fred "with a touch of Ginger", 2013Frog 5.0 Tennis Player, 2009Frog Golfer, 2007Frog Prince and His Ballerina, 1996George the Waiter
Bessie the WaitressGiacometti FigureGiraffeGiraffe II, 2013Goat's Head, 1965 CollageGoose, 1990Gossips, 2009 "Chatter Boxes"Haida, 1995Hanging GooseHappy Birthday DragonHead of a GirlHead of a WomanHead of Bull, 2007High Pumps and Forgotten PassionsHorse on a Unicycle, 1980Howdy Pilgrim, 2008Humpty Dumpty, 2001I Do, 2011 Collage 
(Goes by "I DO, I DO")Ignoring 50 "Harlot"Jane Avril, 1983Jointed Doll, 1999Kabarett, 1960's or early 1970'sLast Performance, 1975Leda and the Swan, 2006Lena the HyenaLion of LondonLord Nelson, 2006Mad HatterMagi, 1999Magi, 2002Mime, 1989 "Marcel Marceau"Moby Dick, 2007
"Ahab on Moby Dick"Musk Ox, 1978Napoleon, 2008
(Previously named Saturday Night before adding hat)Newsie, 1981Normandy Cow, 1990Nude, 1978Nutcracker, 1975Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, 2010Orangeman, 1975Original Sin, 2010Owl and The Pussycat, 1990Oysters Delight "Pelican"Oysters Delight Saturday Night III, 2001
"The Oyster Catcher"Pastry Chef, 1996 "Sous Chef"Penguin and Babes on a UnicyclePied Piper, 1965Pigwiggen the Cook
"Lorelei of the Cloven Hoof"Pockets, 1979
"Dickens Head"Pregnant Lady, 1978
(Maquette)Pregnant Woman, 1980Prunella, 1998 "Pumpkin Eater"(Prunella part 2)
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater, 1998 "Pumpkin Eater"PunchPunch and Judy I, 1979Punch and Judy II, 1979 CollagePunch at Christmas, 1989Punch, 1982
Previously named "Punch on a Sled"
or "Christmas Punch"
Punch (Relief)Rastafarian Goat, 2007 (Head)Roman Centurion, 2008
(Previously titled Centurion)Rotten Ralph Rat
"jester after commedia d'ell arte"Rotten Ralph Rat, 1999Santa Claus I, 1980'sSanta Claus II, 1980'sSanta on a Goose, 3000 "Father Noel"ScarecrowScarecrow, 1980Scarecrow "Matilda and One of the Four Louis"Scot with Bagpipe and Golf-Iron, 2000Scrooge - Relief #2Scrooge - Relief #3, 2010Seashell Angel, 2000Shrove Tuesday, 1970Sou'Wester, 1970Statue of LibertySweeney ToddTango, 2000Tiffin, 1976 "A Little Tea in India"Totem Pole, 2000Turkey Trot ITurkey Trot IITurkey Trot, 2001Uncle Sam, 1980 "The Fourth of July"Walrus, 1978  
Western GravediggerWhite Rabbit, 1984
"from Alice in Wonderland"White Rabbit, 1986 
"from Alice in Wonderland"Women's Lib, 1979Young Patrick Henry "The Orator", 2012
I’m a kid from a sandbar,

from the Pacific Northwest

where I grew up watching

my father pick up a piece of driftwood

asking all of us children ‘what do you see?’

Mornings I rose to the sounds of seashells

opening at low tide, gurgling their way

back to sea. That was and is my life,

my inspiration, my raison d’être.

My work today is because of

all things beautiful from the lip of low tide,

the flotsam and jetsam of love, passion,

and life.